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For the best in cognac, trust the experts at Wine {Domaine}. Full of unique, fruity warmth and intense flavour, cognac is made to be enjoyed. Our owner, Dale Cooper, studied at the world-renowned Hennessy Academy in Cognac, France, and happily shares his expertise and recommendations. We have the finest selection of cognacs available to buy online.

You can’t go past cognac. The drink is well-known and favoured around the world for its unique fruity warmth, and intense flavour, perfect to be savoured over time. Wine {Domaine} is proud to be a premier cognac online supplier.

We pride ourselves on offering unparalleled expertise in selecting the right cognac.

Named after the region in France where the grapes are grown, cognac must pass rigorous requirements to legally be called such, including the selection of particular grapes and distillation methods. There is an official grading system to determine the quality of the cognac, ranging through:

  • V.S. “very special”
  • V.S.O.P “very superior old pale” or Reserve
  • X.O “extra old” or Napoleon
  • Hors d’âge “beyond age”.

Cognac, with its richly intense flavour is most widely used as a digestif, served after dinner and made to sip. Fittingly for a liquor crafted so diligently, there are two types of specifically designed cognac glasses – tulip glasses or balloon glasses, both named for their shape, and with the express purpose of concentrating the bouquet so it wafts up towards the nose of the drinker.

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