About Wine {Domaine}, Geelong

At Wine {Domaine}, we're proud to be the fine wine merchant Geelong wine lovers turn to when they need the highest quality rare and boutique wines and liquors. Our expert friendly staff are always happy to offer advice and recommendations to make sure our customers leave with a smile.

Owner Dale Cooper has almost 30 years' experience in the wine-making industry, including a stint working alongside the revered, world-renowned French champagne houses Veuve Clicquot, Moët, Krug, Dom Perignon and Ruinart. He also studied at the famed Hennessy Academy in Cognac, France, to hone his understanding and appreciation of the luxury French brandy.

Our Geelong wine cellar is draped in decadent decor, evoking a sense of old-world glamour - the perfect backdrop for the range of rare and exclusive liquors available. Whether you're toasting to a business success, wedding, graduation or just enjoy collecting rare vintages, Wine {Domaine} prides itself on stocking the right tipple for any occasion, including:

We take immense pleasure in sharing the world's most sought-after wines and liquors with our customers. Before you take your prized bottle, we'll happily offer our advice on the proper glassware and decanter to use - both to display your purchase to best advantage, and to ensure optimum flavour and intensity of the bouquet.

At Wine {Domaine} we understand the mystique and ceremony surrounding our boutique liquors, and welcome our customers to join us at our Geelong wine tasting masterclasses, where you can chat to fellow connoisseurs over a particularly exclusive vintage.

If you can't make our events, we're also happy to offer wine portfolio advice on how to build and develop your collection to be the envy of your friends.

Please contact Wine {Domaine} for more information on the range of rare wines and liquors stocked in our cellars.


For All and Home

Snif is a sensory studio specialising in niche fragrances for all and home.

We house a range of exclusive, genuine products from around the world, with brands dating back to the 12th century.

A glimpse of our Brands include Amouage, Compagnie De Provence, Creed, Eight & Bob, Floris, Fragonard, Nishane, Penhaligon’s, Santa Maria Novella, and Trudon to name a few of what you will find available on our website.

We help find a perfect signature scent that’s both luxurious and affordable.

We offer many services, from fragrance profiling with our perfume library, masterclasses, individual & wedding consultations.

Come along to one of our masterclasses where you can learn in-depth about fragrance history, how to wear fragrances, how to store fragrances and how to pick the perfect scent for you!

Historically perfumes have paved the way as a passage from sensory to memory. Scent has the ability to invoke sweet memories and bring back a solitary, single moment in your past with startling clarity. Why not find a signature scent for an event! We offer wedding consultations to celebrate your special day and immortalise its memory.

For home, Trudon reigns supreme. when it comes to finding a fragrance for your home, look no further than the oldest candle maker in the world still active today!

Santa Maria Novella has created fragrances, face & body products since the 12th century. With products so well refined through time, your skin will never be the same.

Enjoy, Team Snif x.