Wine Portfolio Advice, Geelong

Wine is so much more than a mere drink – it’s a marker, a memory and an acknowledgement of momentous occasions and achievement. A bottle of wine is made to be appreciated and savoured – and indeed the older a wine, the more valuable it becomes. Wine {Domaine} is here to help you build, maintain and grow a wine portfolio in Geelong.

Wine bottles represent the moments in our lives and those of our loved ones, that we want to freeze in time and mark with a fitting celebration. Whether it’s a toast at your wedding, your child’s graduation or a clinking of glasses to celebrate buying your first house, each bottle holds a memory. At Wine {Domaine} we understand these fragments of time are priceless, and we’re happy to help you choose the right wine for the right time.

Our wine cellars are stocked with the most prestigious international and Australian brands, and our staff are friendly and knowledgeable. We’ll work with you to pick the ideal wine for your tastes – no matter if you want the finest champagne or a red wine for a night in with friends.

Wine {Domaine} owner Dale Cooper has almost 30 years’ experience in the wine-making industry, including time spent working alongside the most prestigious champagne houses in France. He understands the many-faceted appeal of wine, from creating and sharing memories to acquiring a precious and valuable cache for the pure enjoyment of it – champagne in particular represents a fantastic investment for collectors, with prices for the luxury brands continuing to rise.

For advice and recommendations you can trust to build your wine portfolio, contact the experts at Wine {Domaine}. We also stock a range of high-end whisky varieties.

We’re dedicated to providing the highest quality wines in Geelong, and are pleased to offer a range of wine tasting masterclasses as part of our service.