If you’re looking for fine wine and rare liquors, Wine {Domaine} Geelong is proud to be the local experts. We’re a specialty wine, whisky and liquor store catering to the needs of the wine connoisseur through to a person who would just like professional advice when selecting a wine or liquor.

We understand that the best wine represents so much more than a mere drink – it embodies all the feelings in that moment and serves as a keepsake so you can bottle up that feeling and savour it for years to come.

“Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more civilized.” — Andre Simon

Our wine, cognac and whisky tasting masterclasses in Geelong are sold-out events, where connoisseurs come to share their love and appreciation for life’s finer moments alongside great food and exclusive wines.

Owner Dale Cooper has taken great care to create the perfect environment. The Geelong wine cellar is tastefully decorated to recreate the old-world glamour of the silver screen – a fitting setting for some of the rarest and most exclusive vintages produced by world-renowned brands.

No matter the occasion, Wine {Domaine} boasts a wide range of boutique wines for any event, including red, white and sparkling varieties, as well as champagne. Our staff will help you choose the perfect wine for any toast. If you are building a wine collection, our staff are happy to offer portfolio advice to make your cellar the envy of your friends.

For the inner James Bond in us all, our stores of whisky, cognacs and armagnacs are unparalleled in Geelong.

No experience would be complete without the appropriate accoutrements to show your purchase to best advantage. From decanters, to champagne flutes and balloon snifters, Wine {Domaine} has a selection of stunning glassware.

Please contact us for more information on our range, or to find out about upcoming events.