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White wine is a highly versatile wine – perfect whether you’re enjoying a lazy afternoon with friends, celebrating at a work party, or even as an introduction to wine for those new to drinking. Whether you’re looking for a dry white wine to complement a poultry dish, or sweet variety to serve as an aperitif, Wine {Domaine} is the online wine shop with the leading local and international brands.

Unlike its earthier red cousin, white wine is the perfect accompaniment for those preferring a lighter drink, at day-time events or even as an introduction for those new to drinking wine. Wine {Domaine} Geelong is pleased to be the trusted local source of white wine expertise.

With almost three decades’ experience in the wine-making industry, owner Dale Cooper prides his business on being the premier provider of exclusive and rare white wines in Geelong. From internationally imported varieties to local and boutique Australian white wines, we have the right wine to suit any occasion.

White wines are wonderfully diverse – they can be enjoyed as an apéritif at a dinner party, served as an accompaniment to fish or poultry dishes, and are frequently used in cooking to add extra flavour and sophistication to your dishes. Our range of white wines includes the different styles to fulfill any needs.

Dry white wines

Include: Chablis, Riesling, sauvignon blanc, chardonnay, pinot grigio/pinot gris, vermouth, chenin blanc.

These are most commonly used to accompany fish and poultry dishes on a dinner menu. The acidity also makes them a perfect partner for stronger cheeses like brie and camembert, as well as a good foil to break down the spicy heat of Asian, Indian and Mexican dishes. Dry white wines are also enjoyed alongside many pasta dishes, particularly seafood variations, or those with creamy and buttery sauces.

Sweet white wines

Include: Moscato, vouvray, riesling, chenin blanc, sauterne.

You will often find these wines accompanying a dessert menu, either to complement the desserts or as a standalone option. Often, sweet or fortified wine is also used in the desserts themselves. Sweet wines are also a perfect complement for fruit dishes including apple, pear and apricot in particluar, as these notes are often found in the wines. The sweetness of the wine is also used to counteract or balance the saltiness of a cheese course or some Asian cuisines.

Please contact the team at Wine {Domaine} for more information.

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