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Fine wine and rare liquors are made to be savoured. At Wine {Domaine} we have an extensive range of glassware and decanters at our Geelong store. Our friendly staff will help you choose the right option to artfully display any drink for any occasion, and turn it into an experience.

We stock a variety of glasses and decanters to suit different events, liquors and budgets. Please contact us with specific enquiries and we’ll be happy to offer advice and recommendations.

Red wine glasses

Generally a standard shape, with a rounder and wider bowl. This allows the stronger flavours and bold aroma to swirl up towards the nose. The larger surface area encourages oxidisation, which subtly alters the flavour of the wine as you drink it. There are several further types of red wine glasses, including:

Bordeaux glasses, ideal for cabernet sauvignon

Burgundy glasses, better suited to more delicate flavours like pinot noir.

White wine glasses

These are generally narrower at the mouth compared with red wine glasses, to preserve the lighter, crisp flavours white wine is known for. However, some heavier-flavoured white wines, like chardonnay, are also suited to a wider, bowl-shaped glass.

Champagne flutes

Designed with a long stem, to prevent the heat from a hand transferring and warming the liquid, as well as to display the drink in an aesthetically pleasing manner. The narrow glass is shaped so to ensure the champagne maintains its famous bubbles.


At Wine {Domaine} we’re proud to boast a diverse collection of exclusive liquors from Australia and internationally, and the glassware to allow proper enjoyment of these, including:

Tulip glasses and balloon snifters for cognacs and Armagnacs.

Coupe glasses were traditionally used for champagne, but fell out of favour as tastes changed. These are now predominantly used for cocktails and evoke thoughts of silver screen glamour.

Hock glasses are old-fashioned, extravagantly cut and coloured glasses with a long stem and a smaller bowl. These are commonly given as wedding or anniversary presents, and create a stunning display in the home.

Tumblers tend to be used for stronger spirits, served “on the rocks”, like Scotch whisky.

We have a wide array of decanters, designed specifically to beautifully showcase your liquor of choice, and ensure it retains and develops the desired flavours.

For our fellow wine lovers and connoisseurs, we also hold a series of wine tasting masterclasses throughout the year.

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