Virginie T. Blanc De Blancs



As Pinot Noir Grand Cru aficionados, it was fascinating to create a cuvée only made from the other emblematic grape variety of Champagne: Chardonnay.

Renowned for their delicacy and elegance, Chardonnays cover only 27% of the Champagne vineyard, mainly in the Côte des Blancs, south of Epernay, making it a rare commodity.

You will appreciate its shiny golden colour through our transparent special bottle shape.

In tremendous vintages such as 2014 and 2015 for our “Blanc de Blancs”, the Chardonnays provoke emotions equivalent to those of the best Burgundy terroirs.

Its nose, marked by lemon and white flowers, is accessible to all. Its long maturity, is at the service of a volume of mouth and a light tension.

The fresh finish is an ode to chalk and the notes that linger reflect with great elegance all the splendor of Chardonnay.

The very little dosage puts it in the Extra Brut category.

Our Blanc de Blancs is expressive and delicate in texture.

It is the signature of our great terroirs, and the use of only great vintages.

The very delicate bubbles is also characteristic of our VIRGINIE T champagnes.