Nude Red Lipstick 3.5ml



Just in case you thought all nudes were created equal…

Rich in both pigments and emollients, the sensual texture of our lipstick combines the high impact of a matte finish with luscious, silky comfort. One effortless sweep is all it takes to sculpt and define the lips, drenching them with long-lasting intense colour and protecting them against dehydration and environmental stressors. Its innovative, fragrance-free formula is clean too, free from added parabens and made without talc or D5 volatile silicones. Like a second skin, you won’t even know it’s there.

The luxury begins with the sensual design of its rose gold tube and is finished with a fluted base in a garnet red colour that’s inspired by La Perla lingerie. Twist it up to reveal the intricate lace detailing etched onto the lipstick and note the satisfying click each time you close the magnetic cap. We want it to be as sustainable as it is desirable, so we’ve designed it to be easily refillable and treasured forever.