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Prunier XXO Cognac Family Series Number 1 Arrives at Wine Domaine

October 19, 2019 As seen in the GT Lifestyle Magazine; “Cognac connoisseur Dale Cooper recently returned from a special trip to France with a limited release of Prunier bottle and an open invitation to return to the European country for the next 20 years to work on the brand’s Family Series XXO blend. The local merchant is selling...
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Wine shop in Geelong brings back old world glamour

August 25, 2015 Wine is so much more than a mere drink. To us, it’s a way of celebrating life’s big and little events so you remember them in years to come. If you’re looking for a wine shop in Geelong with a difference, come to the connoisseurs at Wine {Domaine}. Great care has been taken to create the...
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Treat yourself at our whisky store in Geelong

July 30, 2015 If you’re looking for a whisky store in Geelong with a difference, come in to see us at Wine {Domaine}. We’ve taken great care to create a sumptuous space, dedicated to class and glamour. Stepping in to our whisky store is like taking a step back to the halcyon days of high society. It’s a fitting...
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