Armagnac, Geelong

Wine {Domaine} is proud of our reputation as a fine liquor merchant, and happy to offer unparalleled advice about the most exclusive armagnacs in Geelong.

Armagnac is a French brandy that derives its name from the southwest region of France where it’s produced. Although the region was one of the oldest distillers of spirits, the smaller quantity and boutique producers have lent armagnac an especially rare aura. Armagnac was largely unknown and underappreciated until the 20th century – meaning it has retained, and continues to embody, the old world, rustic charms of rural France. Herein lies its allure.

French brandies are highly regarded as some of the most exquisite liquors available, and armagnac has the added distinction of being the oldest variation – making it one of the most sought-after liquors. There are only three districts where armagnac is produced, each controlled under separate appellation laws:

  • Bas-Armagnac
  • Ténarèze
  • Haut-Armagnac.

Distilled once, it boasts a fruiter and more fragrant flavour than cognac. The older the vintage, the stronger and more complex the flavours – and the more esteemed the armagnac. Bottles 15 to 20 years and older are considered to be the epitome of taste.

Our owner has nearly three decades’ experience in procuring and producing fine liquors, including study stints in France, where he learnt alongside the grand masters. Come and visit our Geelong store, and we’ll happily share our expertise and tips in selecting the right armagnac. Alternatively, we offer our customers the option to buy armagnac online.

Wine {Domaine} is also pleased to offer a wide range of the finest cognacs in Geelong.

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