Wine shop in Geelong brings back old world glamour

Wine is so much more than a mere drink. To us, it’s a way of celebrating life’s big and little events so you remember them in years to come. If you’re looking for a wine shop in Geelong with a difference, come to the connoisseurs at Wine {Domaine}.

Great care has been taken to create the perfect environment. Our Geelong wine shop has been exquisitely decorated to evoke old-world glamour and mystique, creating a perfect backdrop for a selection of some of the world’s rarest and most exclusive wines.

Our elegant and sophisticated decor is only one part of what makes our wine shop Geelong’s first choice. While you relax and browse through some of the finest wines produced in Australia and internationally, our expert staff can offer any advice and recommendations you need.

Owner Dale Cooper has almost three decades’ experience hand-selecting boutique wines. He knows which grapes and flavour combinations will most delight the tastebuds – whether your prefer your wine fruity and floral, or warm and full-bodied.

No matter your special occasion – from a lunch with friends to a diamond anniversary – we’ve got the expertise and selection of wines to suit your needs and budget.

For a wine shop in Geelong delivering old-fashioned service and the highest-quality fine wines, contact Wine {Domaine} or visit our Garden Street shop.